Jane Hawn-Jackson is a family law and divorce attorney with 30 years experience in Ashtabula, Ohio.

We carefully explain your rights
so you can make economically
effective decisions for your family

A skillful and caring Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney with affordable solutions handling  Juvenile Law, Divorce, Dissolution, and Child Custody cases in Ashtabula, Ohio.

At the Law Office of Jane Hawn-Jackson, we recognize the emotional pain and upheaval that occurs to families during stressful times of legal conflict such as divorce, dissolutions and separations, and we work to minimize any additional problems when providing professional support to improve the quality of your life as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on being available when needed and answering client questions in a timely manner. We take the time necessary to carefully explain all of your alternatives and rights in each situation so you can make the most informed as well as economically effective and practical decision.

We provide support to improve
the quality of life for you and your
children as quickly as possible.

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