Dependent child

A dependent child as defined as a child who is homeless for destitute or without adequate parental care, through no fault of the child’s parents, Guardian or custodian. A dependent child may also be a child who lacks adequate parental care by reason of the mental or physical condition of the child’s parents or custodian. The dependent child can be a child whose condition or environment is such as to cause the state, in the interest of the child, in assuming the child’s guardianship.

A child may be defined as dependent if the child is residing in the household in which a parent or other member of the household committed and act that was the basis for the sibling of the child who resides in the household to have been found to be an abused, neglected or dependent child and because the circumstances surrounding the abuse, neglect or dependency of the sibling or other child, and the conditions of the household cause the child of being in danger of abuse or neglect.