Ashtabula County children services board

Ashtabula County children services board is a public children services agency that can be designated as a legal custodian to accept children on a temporary or permanent basis for either foster care or adoption. In these cases when the child is removed from the parent(s) the agency makes an efforts to place the child with the other parent or an appropriate relative whenever possible.

Additionally, the agency will then develop the case plan to help the child be reunited with his or her parent if the parent demonstrates compliance with the terms of the plan and it is in the best interest of the child. While a child is in the legal care of an agency, the agency and court may consider the relative as a temporary placement custodian but this in and of itself does not make the relative a party to the proceeding. However under certain circumstances relatives may request to be considered parties and allowed to participate in the proceedings. We have successfully assisted relatives in these types of cases.